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Save Bahrs Scrub!

The Bahrs Scrub Precinct is an area of approximately 800 hectares south of Beenleigh, Qld, presently under threat of residential development despite being a potential biodiversity hotspot. The Bahrs Scrub Precinct and locale has long been known to contain valuable plant species as well as important wildlife species such as the koala, platypus, uncommon butterflies, and birds. The Save Bahrs Scrub Alliance has identified the presence of up to TWELVE endangered, vulnerable or threatened flora species in the Bahrs Scrub Precinct and adjacent areas, and is aware that the Qld EPA recommended the area for consideration as a National Park as far back as 1981.Due to limited property access issues, and time constraints, formal environmental studies commissioned by government authorities have failed to reveal the full ecological value of the Bahrs Scrub Precinct, which would trigger the conservation protection it deserves under State and Federal legislation. The Save Bahrs Scrub Alliance is working to encourage landowners within the Precinct to allow comprehensive environmental studies, and to report flora and wildlife sightings to relevant agencies. The Save Bahrs Scrub Alliance will conduct independent flora and fauna studies once necessary funds have been raised.

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