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Bahrs Scrub CAN be saved!

The decision to develop Bahrs Scrub can still be rejected by Logan City Council!

Logan City Council representatives and publications claim that the development of the BSP is a foregone conclusion, decreed by the State Government. The South East Queensland Regional Plan, the overarching planning instrument for Queensland has mandated the Bahrs Scrub Precinct for fast-tracked development.

HOWEVER, the SEQ RP clearly states that remnant vegetation and land that has 'constraints such as flooding, land slope, scenic amenity, and the need to protect significant biodiversity values' may be ''unsuitable for development' (SEQ RP, p15). Most importantly, the SEQ RP also states that the ultimate development decision is at the discretion of the local authority:

'Local government planning schemes are the main instrument that will establish and refine the desired use of land and the preferred timing of development within the Urban Footprint.' (SEQ RP, p15)

Even if plain common sense doesn't show that Bahrs Scrub is too special to lose, the Bahrs Scrub Precinct ticks all the bureacratic boxes for exemption from development!

Major constraints such as flora and fauna sensitivity, geological impediments such as steepness of slopes, social concerns such as loss of scenic amenity and overcrowding, or disruption, threatened loss and contamination of numerous, highly flood-prone, important waterways that not only service biodiversity and drain the region, but are a major catchment for the nearby Albert River,  make the Bahrs Scrub locality totally unsuitable for consideration as a Greenfield site.

Our State Govt and local Council must make the only decision that can serve the interests of the community, our natural heritage, as well as our responsibility to play a local role in mitigating dangerous climate change. Logan City Council and the Queensland Government must reverse the decison to develop the biodiversity hotspot of Bahrs Scrub, and instead preserve and regenerate the Precinct for all time.